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SCOOPS Team structure


The SCOOPS team consists of five levels:

Level 1 Founder

Level 2 Senior: investigator

Level 3 Investigator

Level 4 Associate member

Level 5 Junior: member

The SCOOPS team members are very carefully selected. To join the team you must contact SCOOPS and request an interview.


This is not a paying job.


All team members are volunteers who are required to pay annual dues to support the group.

Following both phone & panel interviews. If selected, the interviewee will be invited to join the team starting as an associate member.


Level 1 Founder definition:

  • Owner, and creator of SCOOPS.

Level 2 Senior: investigator definition:

  • Members holding a higher responsibility. Members trusted to carry out operations, at the request of the founder when needed.

Level 3 Investigator definition:

  • Members have completed mandatory probationary period. Members contributing to team regularly.

Level 4 Associate member definition:

  • A person not located in San Diego, but is able to contribute to the team in some way approved by the founder.
  • A person who is a new member fulfilling a required probationary period.
  • A person unable to participate regularly. Do to personal business. ( IE: Work, school, family, etc.)

Level 5 junior member definition:

  • Persons under 18 approved by Founder.