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  • Your True Tales: June Stories


    The latest edition of true paranormal experiences... ghost hauntings, poltergeist activity, incredible premonitions, terrifying creatures, angels and demons, including:


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  • News: Tesla Spirit Radio, Wisconsin Bigfoot Sighted, Cop's Exorcisms


    Paranormal news and views for May 31, 2014:

    • The spirit radio that creeped out Nikola Tesla
    • Is paranormal research pseudoscience?
    • Can your dogs see ghosts? Can science see spirits?
    • Haunted library; Haunted Spurs' hotel; Haunted theatre
    • Is our galaxy's monster black hole actually a wormhole?
    • What is this object photographed from a plane over London?
    • Strange boom, flashes of light reported in Orangeville, Ontario
    • Bigfoot in SE Wisconsin - new witnesses
    • Did elusive chupacabra attack farmer's cows?
    • All your Russian Yeti questions answered here
    • "Wild men" may be lurking in North America's remote woodlands
    • New humanoid presence in Necochea
    • Finally, vampires are getting their own academic study
    • Meet NYPD cop who took part in 20 exorcisms
    • Boy confesses to murder he committed in past life
    • Ghost Hunters co-stars to depart, develop paranormal series

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  • All About Dowsing
    dowsing stick

    Dowsing is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods or a pendulum. Also known as divining, water witching, doodlebugging and other names, dowsing is an ancient practice whose origins are lost in long-forgotten history. It has long been used for finding water, buried treasure and even missing people. Here's what you need to know: what it is, how it works, and the methods and tools.


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  • Hulking Shadow Entity

    Hulking Shadow Entity

    "I recently captured this image of a shadow person lurking behind my friend while sitting around my dining room table," says Dustin. "I was hosting a party and was trying to capture a picture of the bottle of absinthe that we were enjoying.


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  • News: Bat Beast and Owlman, Children's Past Lives, Lucid Dreams


    Paranormal news and views for May 27, 2014:

    • An American Mothman in London: Bat Beast and Owlman
    • Has Bigfoot moved to Norway? Mysterious hairy figure spotted in woods
    • 10 reasons why Bigfoot's a bust
    • Mysterious man-hunting serial killers of the animal world
    • Children with detailed memories of past lives: Investigated, facts verified
    • Fire chief recovers after near-death experience
    • Reincarnation: The never-ending debate
    • Psychic has steamy sex with ghost who is 250-years-old
    • Is there a Bermuda Triangle in space?
    • What are the chances of finding aliens in dark matter, black holes?
    • Lucid dreams on-demand

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  • Reader Report: Amazing Light as a Feather Experiment

    "It was the last day of school and a few friends and I were hanging out and decided to see if 'light as a feather, stiff as a board' really worked," reports Thomas. "At first we tried to lift Janet, but it didn't work. Then someone said we needed to stack our hands, but not touching each other. As soon as we did, we all felt this surge of energy go through our hands. We could then lift her with ease. I mean we lifted her up to the ceiling like nothing. Suddenly, the power went out with the tremendous sound of thunder outside..." Read the rest of Thomas's report.

  • Test Your Psychic Powers in this Remote Viewing Experiment


    Think you're psychic? Here's your chance to test or even prove it! You are invited to participate in our all-new remote viewing experiment. In this test, you must remote view a three-dimensional object I have on my desk. Those who come closest to perceiving the object will win a paranormal prize.


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  • News: Bigfoot Chase Video, Kids and Ghosts, Reincarnation Claims


    Paranormal news and views for May 24, 2014:

    • This Bigfoot sighting from Washington looks legit
    • Science, neurology and being misled by fairies
    • The haunting of Paddock Mansion
    • Paranormal activity, ghostly brides and a vanishing hitchhiker
    • Ghost caught on CCTV entering a pub
    • Can kids see ghosts?
    • Why we shouldn't be so quick to discount psychic phenomena
    • Are they psychic? 15 stars who predicted their own deaths
    • App review: Ghost Radar: Connect
    • Structures on Moon's surface found in Apollo 10 photo
    • Could wormholes allow time travel?
    • Should we listen for messages from the future?
    • Time traveler who spent 2 years in the future 2749 tells all
    • Have aliens already visited Earth? NASA book suggests yes
    • 300-million-year-old man-made tools?
    • Evidence of reincarnation: Leading researchers discuss (+videos)

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  • Weird, Weird Rain

    nullHeads up! There's all kinds of strange stuff falling from the sky: frogs, sardines, jellyfish, alligators and maybe - just maybe - cows! You think the weather is weird where you live? Here are some documented cases of really weird precipitation.
    Also read: When Nature Goes Nuts

  • News: Mars Animal Skull, Elevator Ghost, Devil Dog Skeleton


    Paranormal news and views for May 20, 2014:

    • Skull found on Mars by Curiosity Rover
    • Mysterious "lady in white" seen in Illinois elevator
    • Ghostly goings on: Haringey and Enfield's most haunted places
    • "I was petrified and paralyzed with fear"
    • What do we know (or think we know) about ghosts?
    • Is paranormal experience the result of geomagnetic energy
    • Biggest dinosaur ever discovered
    • Is this the skeleton of legendary devil dog Black Shuck?
    • Watch Bigfoot torments family captured on video
    • Mutilation: The subject we need to discuss
    • Holy mackerel! Fish rain down on Sri Lankan village

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